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About Zygomatic

Zygomatic is an online publisher since 2003. Our focus is website publishing and online game development and publishing.

Since 2003 Zygomatic publishes and develops internet sites in two areas. We have a lot of sites regarding online photo editing and we also have a strong portfolio in games sites in several languages. The games sites are usually aimed at bigger game niches like Mahjong games and Solitaire games. Most sites are available in Dutch, English, German and Spanish.

Zygomatic also develops, licenses and distributes its own online games (HTML5). Zygomatic is the biggest developer for HTML5 games worldwide and develops two new games per week in different languages: German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch and English (more info). The games are also used as marketing tool for our games portals.

Contact data:
Chamber of Commerce: 30191686
BTW/VAT: NL001102393B84

CEO: Bram Schoonhoven (LinkedIn profile)

De Bleek 25
4132 HC Vianen
The Netherlands.

Contact us via email at info[at], or use the contact form.